Welcome To Sankalp Academy School Jhalawar

Sankalp Academy School, primary focus is on skill building rather than textual literacy. It also aims to preserve and enhance the highest standard of student’s excellence and prepare generations to master the expanding horizons of technology.

The primary aim of the school is to create an excellent educational institution synthesizing the Indian Cultural values with the highest quality of teaching using modern tools.

To impart the latest knowledge in Science and Technology blended with knowledge of literature.

Sankalp Academy School endeavour is not just to impart education in the literal sense but to create an atmosphere that will help to inculcate character and cultural values in the student and return back a multifaceted personality to the society, so that, they can face myriad challenges of life.

The school gives equal importance to experimental studies and other personality development programs which are as important as the formal education and that will make student a confident personality to face the future with equanimity.

We want to create equity to gender for the Indian Society.
We are assiduously guarding our traditions and are here to boldly display innovation and entrepreneurial Skills in full bloom.