Namaste! Welcome to Sankalp Sainik, a school where dreams take flight! Here, we believe every child is a shining star, waiting to be polished.

Think of us as your child’s second home, filled with caring teachers, exciting activities, and a big playground for learning. We follow the Sainik School pattern, teaching discipline and values like honesty and respect – making your child not just smart, but a good person too.

We understand the pressure of exams, like NDA, SSC, or even those tough school tests. That’s why our teachers are like superheroes, guiding your child to conquer every challenge.

But school isn’t just about books! We have sports fields for champions, dance floors for dreamers, and stage lights for future stars. Your child will find their passion, make friends, and learn to care for others, just like a fragrant champa flower.

Our school is beautiful, with spacious classrooms, modern labs, and comfy dorms where laughter rings out. Come visit and see the magic for yourself!

Join us at Sankalp Sainik, and let’s build a brighter future together, one shining star at a time!

**Vande Mataram!**

**Jyoti Singh, Director**