1. Every student should carry his/her Almanac to school each day.
  2. Parents are requested to avail school bus facilities to commute their wards to school. Non-bus commuters should arrive at school 10 minutes before the first bell.
  3. The warning bell before a period of assembly is signal for all to go to their Respective class rooms or for the assembly. This should be done promptly And in silence. As soon as they are in their classes, students must get their Books ready for the period.
  4. Changing of class rooms between periods should be done in silence and in An orderly manner.
  5. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed.
  6. Non Sikh boys should get their hair cut short or regular intervals. Fancy hair cuts for both boys and girls are not allowed.
  7. Coloring of hair is strictly not allowed for students.
  8. No shouting or whistling is allowed in or around the school building. Running In corridors in strictly prohibited.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to throw any object at any one.
  10. Care must be taken of all school property and no student should scratch or Spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture or write or draw Anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher.
  11.  Any damage done will be made good by the concerned student together with a Fine imposed on him / her for such an offence. Any one who notices some- thing damaged should report the matter even if he or she does not know who has done it.
  12. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments to the school.
  13. No book, (other than text books or library books) magazine or paper may be brought to the school without the class teacher’s permission.
  14. Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not permitted.
  15. The students should observe and follow polite manners wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers whenever and wherever they meet them. Bullying and uses of foul language are punishable offenses.
  16. The school reserves the right to terminate the schooling of students with Unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad offense.
  17. Exploding crackers or splashing colours during Diwali / Holi in the school Premises is strictly forbidden. Non-compliance of these instructions can result In expulsion from the school.
  18. Students should attend festivals and functions celebrated in the school.
  19. Use of polybags is not encouraged in the school.
  20. Carrying mobile phones and i-pods is prohibited for students. Those found Doing so would be dealt with strictly.
  21. Students are strictly not allowed to come to school riding their bikes/cars on Any condition. They must avail school bus or arrange for a private transport Provider to come to school.