1. According to the new evaluation system of CBSE, we are already following the concept of CCE- Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation from Nursery to Class X.
  2. It is based on Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas.
  3. Scholastic is related to – Academics, Work Experience, Physical and Health Education, Art Education.
  4. Co-Scholastic is related to – Life Skills, Attitudes and Values and Outdoor Activities.
  5. Scholastic evaluation is based on
    • Formative Assessment (FA) carried throughout the year.
      It comprises of – Class work, Home work, Oral questions, Projects, Assignments/Tests ,etc.
    • Summative Assessment (SA) – End of the term exams.
    • Each academic year comprises of two terms (From Class VI to X).
      • First Term – April to September
      • Second Term – October to March
    • Each academic year comprises of three evaluations (EV1, 2 &3 for Classes Nursery to V).
  6. Assessment of one academic year will be as follows:
    Term I – FA 1 and FA 2
    SA 1
    Term II – FA 3 and FA 4
    SA 2

Instead of reflecting marks in the Progress Report, there will be grades.