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Welocome to Sankalp Academy Sr. Sec. School Jhalawar

Sankalp Sainik School carries the torch forward from the established Sankalp Academy Senior Secondary School, founded in 2005. Launched in 2023, we are a premier co-educational boarding and day scholar school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and following the Sainik School pattern.
Our commitment goes beyond academics

Why Choose Us ?

Academic Excellence

We equip students with a strong foundation in core subjects, delivered by experienced educators. This prepares them not only for higher education but also for success in competitive exams, opening doors to their chosen paths.

Physical Fitness

A comprehensive physical training program, led by seasoned ex-army personnel, is an integral part of school life. This program goes beyond fitness,promoting a healthy lifestyle and building a strong physique, fostering discipline and resilience.

Spiritual Awareness

We cultivate a sense of inner peace, moral values, and a connection to something larger than oneself. Through introspection, mindfulness practices, and exposure to diverse philosophies, students develop a strong moral compass and a sense of calm amidst challenges.

Competition Classes

Sankalp Sainik School offers competition classes for Govt. exams from Class 6, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to excel in IAS, IPS, SSC, and other exams. Build a strong foundation early for a successful future in civil service

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