Sankalp Academy is also a boarding school that offers students the best opportunities to grow in ways that enrich their personalities. The campus of Sankalp is located amidst nature and beautifully adjoining forest hills. Boarding is equipped with all the basic facilities required for creating a serene environment for study. Students not only live here but learn also to self-reliance. Each housemaster maintains the academic, medical, and personal progress of their wards. Boarding is a safe and happy place with a regular learning process for students.
The boarding facility is an opportunity for those students who want to achieve a position in life. But there is a lace of facilities in their village and town or they are unable from distant areas.
The main purpose of making boarding like a dormitory is that the students keep learning with coordination with each other go ahead while learning from each other. There is a separate boarding facility for boys and girls.
All the required facilities are available to the boarder. As adult mentors, the residence hall staff provides the daily support needed to meet the academic emotional, and social needs of the students. The day starts with an early morning with yoga followed by milk. After school hours the students take part in remedial classes, sports activity, and personality development classes. Evening prayer is compulsory for all students to make them spiritually strong. To strengthen the foundation of the competition exam 12 integrated coaching classes have been started by the parent organization in a month for boarder. Along with this, every child has also to read biographies of great men. Boarder are given sufficient time to do personal chores. To celebrate the birth anniversary of great men and festivals of different religions is in our tradition.